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Innovative Computer Works, Inc. is a full service IT Company providing a full range of IT services from PC’s, Networking (Wired and Wireless), Project Design and Management to Telecommunication Services.


What sets Innovative Computer Works, Inc. apart from most of the other IT professionals is our dedication to provide quality onsite technical services. We can perform our services either at you place of business, your home office, or your home. We know in today’s marketplace that downtime costs your business time, which in turn costs your business money; therefore, we strive to minimize downtime, which in turn saves your business money.


Our Goal is to provide quality service at an affordable price, as well as, educate our customers on how to keep themselves or their businesses safe from today’s ever changing threats.

Innovative Computer Works, Inc. is committed to helping our customers in any way possible. We offer several ways to accomplish this, for example: Preventative Maintenance Services, Phone Support, Remote Off-Site Support, and of course, On-Site Support. Try us today!!!!